Temple football takes summer workout to the Rocky steps

Temple Football 2017 Match Preview Prediction and Players: The Temple football players climbed the 72 steps at the Art Museum on Wednesday morning — two at a time, three at a time, on one leg, even on their hands. Their breathing, even at first, later came in huffs and puffs, and sweat dripped from their heads and ears onto their cherry red T-shirts. “Take your time coming down!” one player suggested, apparently looking to conserve energy on his way to the bottom.

The strength and conditioning coaches had different ideas. “Let’s go!” one barked. “Hurry up!” “I think [Rocky] just did it one time,” said fifth-year senior fullback Nick Sharga, who ran the steps probably a dozen times. “It looked kind of tough.” This Philadelphia landmark, hard by the Rocky statue and the gem at the end of the Ben Franklin Parkway, gave the Owls a unique summer workout. Before the three team buses pulled up at 8:25 a.m., the iconic scene was almost empty. So the players swarmed and ran up the steps, each trip more difficult than the last. Once they hopped on one leg. Another time they did a wheelbarrow drill in which one player walked up on his hands while another held up his legs from behind.

Temple Football 2017 Match Preview and Prediction

Temple Football 2017

Before the workout, the players had done squats in their weight room. Seconds after they stormed off the bus, they took up the entire width of the steps, leaving any other stair-climbers only the sides. At the end of the workout, like boxer Rocky Balboa in the original movie, a handful of players raised their fists above their heads. Feeley, responsible for the team’s summer training program, sought this opportunity as a change of pace. And he wanted to celebrate the city. The next step is the Washington Monument,” Feeley said of Washington’s 555-foot tower. “That’s really it. Any of the teams in D.C., I think they’re the only team that has us beat.”

When you’re in Philadelphia, you have to go see the iconic Rocky statue and run the famous Rocky Steps outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Having a team of college football players who are mostly from outside of the Philly area, new Temple coach Geoff Collins, a former Florida defensive coordinator and Alabama assistant, decided to put the Owls through a Rocky-inspired workout. According to a person familiar with Temple recruiting, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Martin-Robinson intrigued the coaching staff with his athletic ability. That is one reason he is being listed as an “athlete” until the coaching staff determines his position. He is best at wide receiver but could also be used at tight end, linebacker or safety.

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Delvon Randall, a defensive back, said, “Workouts are always tough but we just get through it–it’s a tribute to Philadelphia.” Temple is looking to will defend its American Athletic Conference championship and the Owls thought to follow the lead of the most iconic Philadelphia champion, boxer Rocky Balboa as they incorporated the running of the Art Museum steps into a workout. Source Link

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